Our emphasis on site relationships leads to successful study outcomes

TCTM is focused on developing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with clinical research sites. On a day-to-day basis, our project managers are frequently interacting with Investigators and site personnel, whether it is simply to touch base or address a concern. We are always easily accessible and highly responsive and seek to ensure sites are equipped with everything they need to successfully conduct research.

From feasibility to site activation, our study start-up time is accelerated

Depending on the needs of each site, we may help craft a personalized recruitment strategy, facilitate additional training, or help resolve an issue. Our focus is to help ease the administrative burden often placed at the site level.

Committed to site sustainability

We focus on fostering strong relationships, and aim to benefit sites by providing access to valuable tools and resources.

TCTM encourages every site we work with to become involved in the Society for Clinical Research Sites, and sponsors a scholarship program that enables sites to register for new memberships.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or would like additional information on our commitment to site sustainability, please contact us.

The attention TCTM provides to their sites along with the quality of work being performed is undoubtedly mirrored for their clients as well. [Our site] recommends TCTM’s CRO services due to their focus on collaboration with sites, experience and integrity.

"Preferred" Site Staff Member

Expert Advisory Council

On the front lines of research, sites offer valuable insight to the clinical process. To maintain our commitment as “The Sites’ CRO,” we established a group that assists us in addressing project-specific opportunities: The Total Expert Council.

The Total Expert Council (TEC) is made up of global Investigators and Site Directors. This council assists us in identifying issues with protocol design and other study logistics. This proactive collaborative engagement allows us to open up communication with sites to help facilitate the management and operation of clinical research.