TCTM Senior Project Manager, Kristy Wort, Presents at OECT Summit in Toronto

Kristy Wort, Senior Project Manager for Total Clinical Trial Management, delivered a presentation titled “Fostering a Collaborative CRO/Site Relationship to Drive Enrollment Success,” at the Operational Excellence in Clinical Trials (OECT) Summit in Toronto, Canada. The two day conference and workshop focused on study feasibility, site management, and patient recruitment.

Key areas during the clinical study recruitment process were discussed, highlighting opportunities for Sites and CROs to develop collaborative relationships. To demonstrate successful execution of two-way communication between Sites and CROs, two case studies were included in the presentation. The two case studies, a recent gastroenterology study and rosacea study, support TCTM’s track record of enrolling 100 percent of enrollment targets early or on time. A copy of the presentation is available to download at