Dr. Diana Foster, the CEO of Total Clinical Trial Management, was an invited presenter at the Meridian Clinical Research Annual Principal Investigator and Director Training in Cancun, Mexico. This annual event, taking place on July 14th and July 15th, was an opportunity for the Platinum and Meridian research sites to learn and discuss pertinent issues in clinical trial performance.

“Three years ago I saw an opportunity for Meridian, our Principal Investigators and Industry Contacts to develop stronger partnerships so we created a comprehensive training meeting to bring everyone together and discuss industry trends,” said Nicole Osborn, CEO of Meridian Clinical Research. “This year topics included Building Rapport with Patients and Monitors, and Sponsor Considerations for Site Selection among many other topics that were triggered during additional conversations. We have found these sessions to be invaluable in establishing cohesiveness between Meridian Clinical Research and our industry partners.”

Dr. Foster’s presentation “Opportunities to Strengthen the CRO/Site Relationship throughout the Clinical Research Process,” stressed the importance of ensuring that the CRO and the site are in proper communication to achieve a desirable outcome. The presentation emphasized how collaborative efforts between Investigators and site staff is a key reason as to why success is achieved. Opportunities to enhance the relationship were highlighted as well as how consistent communication leads to a strengthened collaborative effort. A copy of the presentation is available to download at www.totalcro.com.