Ellicott City, MD – April 23, 2016

SCRS announces Site Scholarships sponsored by Total Clinical Trial Management (TCTM). TCTM recognizes the pivotal role SCRS provides in enhancing site success and ensuring their sustainability. These site scholarships will be awarded to site partners identified by TCTM that are not already members of SCRS.

“SCRS has reached over 3,000 research sites and welcomes this opportunity to support more sites in achieving their fullest potential,” said Christine Pierre, President of SCRS. “TCTM has taken a position of being site-centric and by providing these scholarships they are continuing to demonstrate their commitment to being a strong site partner.”

“TCTM is an enthusiastic supporter of SCRS and their mission, and we believe the clinical research ecosystem will be enhanced by enabling the involvement and supporting the membership of more research sites in SCRS,” commented Tim Evans, Vice President, Business Development at TCTM.

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