Enhancing the Diversity of Clinical Trial Populations as Consulting Experts in Recruitment

Leading with a combined 50 years’ experience, the TCTM executive team utilizes a multifaceted approach to network diverse populations and encourage their participation in clinical trials. Recognized as subject-matter experts in the area of patient recruitment with an established track record of 100% enrollment for every study within the targeted timeline, our expertise will be your reliable resource for enhancing the diversity of clinical trial populations for your study.
The same team was instrumental in developing one of the first global patient recruitment and retention companies within the industry. For more than a decade, our recruitment campaigns were designed and executed to reach and educate diverse populations across all therapeutic areas. TCTM has successfully implemented innovative virtual services to create new networks with populations around the country previously unknown to clinical research. Our growing database of proven regional recruitment strategists and our expertise of creating targeted population marketing initiatives, has maintained the TOTAL Edge as a catalyst to complete your study! The future of efficient patient care depends on enrolling diverse populations to maximize the generalizability of trial results, which will better reflect the true diversity of the patients who will be using the drug once it is approved.

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