Diana Foster, Chief Executive Officer at Total Clinical Trial Management, recently presented at the World Affordable Medicine Congress (WAMC). The WAMC is one of the largest scientific events related to generic and biosimilar medicines and was held in Barcelona, Spain in February of 2017. Dr. Foster’s presentation outlined significant differences in patient recruitment related to generic markets and was supported with metrics from a bioequivalence study recently completed by TCTM 21 weeks ahead of schedule.

Dr. Foster discussed the importance of identifying potential challenges that can occur early on, such as IP delays and issues with monitoring pace. TCTM addresses these challenges by incorporating a proactive monitoring plan to prevent disruption in enrollment. Dr. Foster also stressed the benefit of maintaining open and frequent communication with research sites, a critical element to ensuring the success of a study.

TCTM has significant experience successfully enrolling studies in the generic market across a variety of therapeutic indications including, dermatology, acute pain, and gastroenterology. To date, the full service CRO has maintained a track record of meeting 100 percent of enrollment targets either early or on time.