Paige Queen, Senior Vice President Clinical Operations of Total Clinical Trial Management (TCTM), participated as a guest speaker for the ArisGlobal’s “BreakThrough2020” virtual session showcasing the innovative features of the cloud-based eTMF platform for managing clinical trials.

Paige explained the thought process, from a CRO perspective, which led up to TCTM’s decision to shift from managing a paper TMF to eTMF, and the many favorable benefits realized since then. “Providing sponsors and auditors with efficient training to grant them real-time read-only access to our eTMF, fosters a sense of ease and comfort while managing their clinical study,” states Paige Queen. Automation of common tasks and the facilitation of audit trails has enabled the business to track hours and revenues with strategic precision. TCTM’s own experience of phasing in new technology during a rapidly changing technical environment and the various challenges posed, was discussed in greater detail by Paige via the link below: